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Hi Matt,

Thanks for great biochar demonstration last night :)

Really looking forward to seeing your and Reinhart von Zschock's new improved stove in action and the open source designs! :)

You really need to become a member of this network and share what you're learning:

Its the main hub of Open Source Appropriate Technology (OSAT) people out there. LOTS of VERY cool people there.

Vinay Gupta of fame (who started it) is very cool himself and is currently mainly in the UK based in London - you really should meet, he getting really good at spreading the news about this stuff.

Check out his Ending Poverty with Open Hardware presentation here:

And lots more video here:

Also, you've just got to check out this project (almost certainly the most inspiring OSAT project out there in terms of scope)

Please, spend some time watching their videos. Really. You're gonna love this stuff! (they've already made an open source tractor and compressed earth brick machine, with LOTS more stuff in the pipeline including DIY concentrated solar power, sawmill and much much more - I'd encourage your to become one of their "1000 True Fans" by donating $10/month and also to speak to your colleagues at Tudor Trust and University contacts about how to get more funding for them too)