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Hi Marcin,

I took a weekend course at Yestermorrow called Urban Regeneration. We discussed all kinds of projects for an urban environment where the land may be scarce or contaminated. An aquaponic greenhouse and growing mushrooms were two major topics. The class was led by Scott Kellogg and Keith Morris. You can read more about them here: and here:

I'll email them to see if I can get more design details, or perhaps at least identify appropriate questions for your specific project. The stated goals for the aquaponic greenhouse from the conference call should give them something to respond to.

I am interested in helping with Community Development and Business Strategy as well. OSE has reached so many people. If we connect talented people, we could catalyze a lot of great work. Also, I'm talking with someone locally who wants to start a maker space. The business plan should be a replicable design too.

March 14 and 15 I'll be taking the course: Designing and Building a Successful Design/Build Business at Yestermorrow.

I am on seasonal layoff right now (from masonry), so I may have some time to devote, once my classes at Yestermorrow finish up.