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Matthew Schwabauer's Proposals

Factor e Farm Construction Director-First 3 Weeks

I (Matthew Schwabauer) will work as Construction Director at Factor e Farm for an indefinite period of time, starting July 1, 2012. I will move onto Factor e Farm on June 30, 2012. I will follow My Schedule, contributing approximately 10 hours per day, 6 days per week, towards "Work." This Three Week period of work will concentrate on completing construction of the "Motel Rooms" on the East side of the Hablab. I will ensure that those rooms are ready for move-in by July 21, 2012. I will thoroughly plan, execute, and document this process. I anticipate spending 90 hours of my time on this construction project. I anticipate needing 50 hours of assistance from other Open Source Ecologists, primarily as labor during the construction process.

I will volunteer my services for the first three weeks, and would like to review my cost of living and compensation at the end of this three week period.

The Routine Breaks Down like this...

Available Time:Total Hours in Three Week Period

3 wk * 7 da/wk * 24 hr/da = 504 hr

Life Time:Hours allocated to sleeping, eating, and general life maintenance

3 wk * 7 da/wk * 11 hr/da = 231 hr

Work Time:Hours allocated to Factor e Farm projects

3 wk * 6 da/wk * 10 hr/da = 180 hr

Play Time:Hours allocated to personal development, interests, and relaxation

3 wk * 6 da/wk * 3 hr/da + 3 wk * 1 da/wk * 13 hr/da = 93 hr

Work Time can be further divided into

Finishing the Factor e Motel: 90 hr

Developing the Forestry and Sawmill Program: 28 hr

Daily Documentation and Schedule Update: 21 hr

Planning the Microhouse: 18 hr

Cross-Training and Farm Projects: 17 hr

Weekly Schedule Updates: 6 hr