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Tues Apr 15, 2014

After being back in the UK for one week after 6 months in India, I am back in London ready to fly out to the US tomorrow and make my way to Kansas for the MicroHouse workshop starting on Friday.

Fri Apr 18, 2014

Arrived at Factory e Farm and met all the other people on the workshop, really great group. Had the tour around the farm and saw the microhouse that we are set to build in the next two days.

Sat Apr 19, 2014

Got up, had breakfast and headed for the workshop. The group split into two, one group for the carpentry items; door and window module the other group for the CEB press. I was im the press group. Due to technical issues the press didn't wkrk in the morning so the carpentry parts were advanced mkre quickly. By the afternoon the CEB press was running well so we stsrted pressing in earnest. First the door module went in and then the first two courses of bricks. Following dinner we went back out to make up for lost time and pressed until 10pm, a good few thousand bricks ready for tomorrow mornings build.