May 18, 2013 Design Sprint Log

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Attendance for May 17-18 Design Sprint

  • Present - Chris DeAngelis, Marcin, Audrey, Husam, Gary De Mercurio, Rob Kirk, Leo Dearden, Mike Jordan, Nottern Link, Brian Peters
  • Working on - Ironworker BOM, Truck Suspension Module, Bulldozer Geardown, technical recruiting, Work Log script, 3D Printer quick connect, Microtrac tracks, Microtrac quick attach, Backhoe boom.


  • Robert Kirk 12:15 PM - "Spoke with my friend Brian Ulrich about the project. He was blown away and said "this is what should really be going on with the internet!" - He'll be around later and will try to check in. He knows some web programming and is a graphic designer."

May 18, 2013

Link to dashboard: Link to PiratePad:



   will add the holes.
   note: 1-1/16th!topic/sketchup/SYH1-YWfRRQ
   3 inch pivot (as used in iron worker)

Steps for Broadcasting Google Hangout online:

   (doesnt work on firefox)

-go to -Click Start a Hangout On Air. -Give your broadcast a name and invite the people you want to join. -Click Start Hangout On Air. -Once everyone's joined and you're ready to go live, click Start broadcast at the top of the screen


Sam, so you know why feeds to #OSE_Dev from @OSE_Dev don't show up in my feed at bottom of Dashboard? Feeds from @OSE_Dev I can only feed from other accounts.

  • According to Twitter Support Docs: using advanced search the correct argument for the search parameter in the TWTR.Widget Config should be set to: "#hashtag AND from:user1 OR from:user2 OR from:user3" in our case this would be search: '#OSE_Dev OR @OSE_Dev'. I have updated the dashboard accordingly. Note you can test out these search queries in the search box on e.g. search: '#OSE_Dev OR @OSE_Dev OR @OSEcology' brings up loads more tweets.

Justin - please upload your work to