May 2021 Design Sprint on the Seed Eco-Home 2

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Friends, This year we are doing a first: a complete digital model of an open source house, including every screw, wire, pipe, applience, lumber piece, component. This is Housing 2.0 - digital housing. This year we are rolling our Seed Eco-Home 2 - - made with light frame constuction, and next year, it will be the CEB version - the CEED (Compressed Earth Environmental Dwelling) Eco-Home. We will be doing a large hackathon at end of August where we complete the release of all plans and enterprise blueprints after 3 successful builds. For now, we can swarm on the Seed Eco-Home 2 complete digital model in FreeCAD. It requires either design skill according to the OSE FreeCAD Badge - or ability to manipulate the desing file in SweetHome3D to produce build cheatsheets. Join us. If you are interested, please fill out this interest form, and we will onboard you with a video intro - followed by a working meeting on a weekend if there is sufficient interest. The form simply asks you for your email. f you are interested in participating in this sprint, simply submit your email - and get ready to be onboarded with an intro video of how 1000 people can collaborate on this in realtime over a single day. We won't get 1000 people the first time, but we're working on getting there. Marcin

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