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Dear Supporters and True Fans, Thank you if you have subscribed recently, interest is growing. If you missed the last announcement - we have the full Summer of Extreme Design-Build starting in September.  We just announced our first ever 6 month-long immersion Apprenticeship - which allows you to work with OSE full time after you finsih. And, we are ulready taking preorders on the Seed Eco-Home 2 - if you want a turnkey build of a 1000 square foot home. See our last newsletter here. We are still buildig right now, we will build another model for a first client in July, and we will do another build after that prior to September so that we have ample and detailed documentation. We're taking pre-orders so we can begin discussion with potential clients. The video footage allows us to make the most comprehensive sets of building instructions to date. We have 5 cameras and time lapses rolling, are upping that to 12 - and our clear goal is instructions that are so easy for anyone to follow - that we literally enable thousands of such builds all around the world in the next year. So take a look at the above links, and email me at if you have any questions. We're making this our most productive summer to date. By the way - if you have an old cell phone with a decent camera that can be repurposed for a time lapse app - please send it to us. Email me. We can use up to 24 cameras so that  every module of our swarm builds is completely documented - we are upping our documentation game.  

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