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  • Take 3 yard sticks, 3D print a sliding telescoping section, to combine these 3 into an 8' measuring stick (telescoping for minor adjustment to panel widths [1]
  • Tape - tab scratching - marking without a marker. [2]. Hold and scribe [3]. Mark circle with tape [4]
  • Tape with magnetic hook [5]
  • Tape with extra large hook allows holding from side [6]. Concept is 360 degree hook as stated in one review for this one that doesn't look like 360 degree [7]
  • Tape with swivel hook holds 360 degrees. Claims to hold on to round pipe. Does it work? [8]
  • Check.pngSwivel hooks appear to be an advancement. More grab with less size. Savage Grip Line - [9]
  • Check.pngLine scribing tape - can be a game changer for midline cuts away from edge of sheet material. Savage Pro Scribe - designed for marking lines and circles. [10]