Mechanical System Troubleshooting

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  1. Check that bearings are rolling smoothly
  2. After tightening bearings and shafts, make sure that shaft is aligned and it spins freely
  3. Check for obstruction on any moving parts, such as rocks, metal, or wood branches
  4. Check that bolts are secured and not loose
  5. Check for any broken parts by visual inspection
  6. Check for signs of wear or rubbing of mechanical parts
  7. Check that parts are greased as needed - possibly grease the top of the drawer hood
  8. Check that hose and fittings are intact and not leaking

Power Unit:

  1. Check engine oil level, as engine won't start with low oil
  2. Check hydraulic fluid level, as pump will burn out with low fluid
  3. Check that hoses are intact, and quick couplers are all connected