Mechanisms for Continuous Improvement

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  • Newsletter features badges and loss of badges for performance. Loss occurs when an action is clearly 'not to core' or not to spec.
  • Customer reviews are basis for promotion and demotion.
  • We popularize that you can go up and down in the org
  • Set your own pay - tell me the things you would like to do, what skills you will get, and how much you'd like to get paid. Each skill is worth a certain amount, but its redemption must be considered also as part of the pay raise.
  • Use our Rapid Learning Facility by privilege gained as a distinction. Others or outsiders have to pay for it.
  • Start a new Campus independent Campus (exile, marked by non-OSE brand), or a new division Campus within OSE.
  • All paid Learning Week - can be seen as punishment or reward depending on how it is used.
  • Policy of forgiving mistakes, but terminating for sins.
  • OSE Certification for people who leave and start their own related ops.
  • Membership in the Genius Network
  • Ranking - it is brutal, should we use it? If we have the data - it is as simple as a Dashboard of people and their badges. Which should be transparent.
  • Annual Incentive Challenges - like a Sabbatical - where you organize and extraordinary event with rapid results for new product startup. Qualification - it must be collaborative, open, and produce results (open enterprise in the fullest sense with thorough documentation and production mechanism.
  • Unpatents - open disclosures for liberating a technology route. Result is distro of wealth.
  • Pay people for desing/process savings that they develop and document. Demonstrate before and after with a video documenting actual build time.
  • Picture upload site, can be FB or other. Ideally their albums, shared with OSE.