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This article is the result of a meeting between collaborators Sri, Chris, Richard, Marcin, Brittany and Yama at the Factor E Farm site, an Open Source Ecology facility. The agenda for the meeting was to come up with a comprehensive list and plan for the future collaborators visiting this upcoming weekend. We decided to have a list of suggested items to bring, and a few paragraphs to inform the collaborators about what we will be doing, and what they can expect. It is not very often that Factor E Farm has this many collaborators at once, so we wish to be well prepared.

Tasks for Organizers


Marcin & Brittany:

  • Manufacture a Solar panel and Document
  • Set up Silo for work space
  • Shower sign

Mike & Vince

  • Check for soldering irons from the University and get instructions
    • Acquired 2 variable temp and 1 regular soldering irons from Jim Fischer in the dept at Mizzou


  • First Aid Stuff

Information for Participants

Following is information for those who are participating in this weekend project. I would encourage you to read through the information below so that you are well prepared for the weekend. -Richard

Suggested Items

(Italicized items are required)

  • Closed Toed Shoes (prefer boots)
  • Try to dress in layers: Must include Long-sleeve shirts & pants

(Keep in mind, this is a farm, which means mud, chiggers and ticks, poison ivy, etc.)

  • Sunglasses to double as protective goggles
  • Hats
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain gear
  • Toiletries (Keep in mind that there is only one sink ) & include personal towel
  • Sleeping bags / pillow / pad
  • Water bottle
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Folding chair
  • Mug/Cup

We plan on bringing along with us:

  • Water
  • Gloves
  • Food

Food and Accommodations

  • We will be providing group vegetarian meals (vegan at request), for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as this will be the simplest way to feed everyone given kitchen accommodations. I suggest that you bring your own snacks, I will be trying to bring clif bars and trail mix for those who do not. We will also be bringing water as their well has not become sediment free as of yet.
  • There will be various lodging accommodations. There will be 3 residents there already, plus two week-long visitors. The cord wood yurt may be available, which sleeps 4 quite comfortably. There is also a camper they use as a kitchen which can sleep 2 to 4. There is also a tent I am bringing in which 6 people will be able to stay. Sleeping bags, pillows and pads are highly recommended. If you do not have these, please contact us and we can arrange something.
  • There is a (heated) shower, one sink, and there will be two composting toilets set up.
  • Please keep power consumption in mind (laptops, cameras, etc may not be always charged, cell phone reception is terrible anyways so do your best to conserve battery). The goal of this project is to give Factor E a good foundational power infrastructure to continue their projects, so that future visitors (which just might include yourself) may have these luxuries, and so that there will be more power for things to be built in the shop.
  • If possible, keep personal items to a single bag. We are going to be packing in for the trip, and bringing out some materials and tools, so we need to conserve space.
  • ID if you have allergies (food, pollen, bee sting, bring epi pens (there are domesticated bee hives here, though they rarely ever sting due to the mutualistic relationship)), personal medications, etc.
  • contact solution, glasses kit, other necessities

Liability, Policy


Though OSE and Factor E are very open and participatory groups, their legal status is such that a few policies and liability issues must be addressed. Since OSE is a 501c(3) status organization, thus they are at risk of being shut down by lawsuits. Because of this, there will be a liability waiver to sign in the case of an accident. They have had an excellent track record thusfar of only 1 hospital-level injury within the last 3 years of operation at the Factor E Farm facility. They intend to keep it at that, so please recognize that by coming out here, you will be held responsible for your actions, though we will do our best to care for you and accommodate your needs. (Though people are working on it, off grid medical care is not yet available!) Proper safety equipment and procedure are very important, and will be provided. It is strongly encouraged, unless you are willing, that you do not take part in any potentially hazardous tasks if you are not medically insured (I wish I lived in a country where I didn't have to say that). If anything does happen, we will rush you to the ER at the hospital which is only 20 minutes away. Unless you have previous training, you will not be allowed to use heavy machinery equipment. I am only saying all of this because I must, for legal reasons, as I do not expect anything bad to happen given that the level of hazard in what we will be doing this weekend is very minimal. If you have any questions about this, as with anything in this document, feel free to contact us.

Policy: Drugs N Booze

At Factor E Farm, especially considering they are a non-profit, they will not allow "illicit" drugs or alcohol. This is for purposes of keeping it legit, since everything Marcin and Brittany have is riding on Factor E. If anything happens, they might lose everything. As well, let it be an opportunity to clear your mind, considering some of us Columbia-ers seem to indulge quite frequently. After all, a productive and relaxed weekend off the grid is quite an experience. If you need to relax, there will be herbal teas and tinctures, some of which are grown on location. Since Marcin has quite a sense of humour, there will be plenty of laughter to inebriate us in the evenings.


PV related, but not soldering cells:

  1. Tinning ribbon
  2. Cutting ribbon to length
  3. Crimping ribbon
  4. Attaching bus bars to panel
  5. Gluing terminal blocks to junction boxes

Other tasks:

  • staking trees
  • manuring trees
  • Picking beans in the garden
  • Weeding garden
  • Cooking

(since OSE is a participatory-run organization, you will have plenty of choice and freedom to partake in whatever activities suit you at any time. If you get bored of one, there will be others to you can do., I.E. If you get bored of working in the workshop on the panels, you can go into the meadow or the garden.)

That's about all. I'll add things if I come up with anything more. < Marcin


SW Willow & SW Lakeside
Maysville, MO 64469

Google Map

First Aid

      ACETAMINOPHEN 1 pkt     8
      BLIST-O-BAN (large) hi-tech, ultra-thin blister pads    4
      HYDROCORT CREAM 1% (allergic skin rashes)       4
      INSECT STING RELIEF small (use also for rash, sunburn)  1
      MOLEFOAM 4" X 3.5" (pressure point padding)     1
      MOLESKIN PLUS 4" X 3.5" (prevent & care for blisters)   1
      SPENCO SECOND SKIN (2" X 3") (sterile gel pad, burn dressing)   1
      TEGADERM (lightweight, transparent wound and blister dressing)  1
      TONGUE DEPRESSORS (use as small splints, medication application, tinder, etc)    1
      GLOVES, LATEX 1 pr      1
      SAFETY PINS     5
      SCISSORS 5.5"   1
      SAM SPLINT (flexible splinting) 1
              7 day super band-aid with colloidal dressing
      BANDAGE 4X4 STERILE     4
      COTTON BALLS (10)       1
      IODINE WIPES    4
      POLYSPORIN OINTMENT (unit dose) (broad spectrum topical antibiotic) 2
      STERI-STRIPS (3) (minor wound closure)  2
      SUPERGLUE(tm) ( wound closure)  1
      TAPE, BLACK SUPER 2" X 10' (a waterproof, stickier, more durable version of duct tape)