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Meme hubs are individuals and groups that have a wide audience on the internet. Because they have a large following, they are capable of creating cultural memes.

from Edward Miller:

My conception of "meme hubs" includes people as well as groups. Really any prolific person who has a wide enough audience could be considered a meme hub. There are plenty of prolific people whose interests orbit ours.

I know Kevin Carson and Michel Bauwens already are aware of you, and by now we have probably contacted James Hughes and others.

Here is a short list of others:

Jeremy Rifkin

Kevin Kelly

Douglas Rushkoff

Corey Doctorow

Chris Anderson

RU Sirius

Marshall Brain

Charlie Stross

Bruce Sterling

Peter Barnes

Antonio Negri

and if you are especially lucky, Noam Chomsky. I have taken the liberty to contact him. As for the rest of these guys, I could try to help contact them. I don't know how successful I will be, but if even one of them helps out it would be great.

Meme hub orgs:

As far as meme hubs, I recommend contacting the following publications, and link them to your Distillations videos.

If you get these place to publicize your work, the liklihood of you showing up in the New Scientist or Discover is greatly amplified. Also, if you build up a rapport with people like Jamais Cascio, then perhaps they might be able to talk to people at, say, Wired.

I know that Ronald Bailey, an editor of Reason Magazine, is very connected to the transhumanist community, and especially friendly with James Hughes.

Also, I recommend posting on these forums:

  • Posted already, you're welcome to comment: [1]

Joseph knows a variety of other open source tech workshops and collectives which have formed around the country, and he has compiled a Registry of such projects at , a website which I designed for his organization. I recommend contacting as many of them as possible, to see if any of them are interested in working with Factor e. There are also just a lot of little hobbyist groups that you should contact, such as the RepRap user groups.

There is even a Kansas City group:

There are also some good mailing lists:

Those are related to Joseph's Journal called Abundance about post-scarcity economics. I recommend you submit something to the journal. I will be submitting something.

There are other mailing lists too, such as

You may already be aware of some of these. You might also want to ask to publicize some of your achievements, as P2P foundation has.

Sorry for the deluge of links, but I hope it helps.

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