Meritocratic Do-ocracy

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Main Principles:

  • Get oriented. You are free to do anything - pending a number of factors for which you must have situational awareness.
  • If you want to do anything, first make sure the respective community knows about it.
  • If in doubt, ask the community
  • The Creator controls their Creation.
  • Act in a timely fashion. Sequencing and priorities are part of the equation when coordinating effort.
  • If there are no complaints, forge ahead.
  • If there are complaints, kindly address them, get into a dialogue, be inclusive.
  • Be constructive by aligning with core mission.Filter everything via the OSE Vision. Do not troll.
  • If your plan creates an unsolvable deadlock, push it up to an individual in authority. If closure is not possible, work on a different topic.