MgO Panels

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Conversation with Pliny Fisk

  • 3 make these in the USA
  • Use existing MgO and then use that to sandwich mushrooms
  • There is a video by Ecovative- building panel that is just the insulation. Use their certifications. We come up with the glue. Glue as opposed to growing in place. Glue thing is big, structurally and environmentally.
  • So one could put together 2 things.
  • Gail's system runs an org - system - 8000 corporations declare what's in products from health
  • Wendy Vittori from Health Product Declaration. Bob knows Healthy Building Network.
  • Ambient also makes panels - [1]
  • Mushroom insulation
  • Argument with Ecovative - that they should not sell the chips. They should be local.
  • They sell kits (ecovative) - in any size one wants.
  • They do cater to beginners and professionals
  • Expensive way is membrane based desalination -
  • Also desalinization unit makes water and brine - in brine #4 of all substances in brine.
  • Old way is solar ponds - working right now for non-MgO - but in this case KCl.
  • Solar ponds in Utah
  • Now potassium is gotten from brine.
  • Best way is solar ponds
  • Container size you beat portland
  • Alibaba - $350/ton - [2]
  • MgO route - China is one.
  • Texturing etc -