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This just came through on one of the NEC lists. Figured you might want to get in touch with this person.

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we are going to file a patent that solves the instability issues with tesla’s basic design. Not only does it solve this, problem, but it overcomes the inefficiencies of the inlet and outlet. Basically we solved the best way for a gas to impart motion on a rotary shaft. The design does take from Tesla, of which it will be noted in the name, but even Tesla would be impressed with the efficiencies. We are already getting high torque starting at 2PSI, but our RPM’s are much higher than even Tesla’s 110HP turbine

achieved at the same pressures. We expect the 1” model to rotate at over 350K on less than 80PSI. What’s even more impressive is its torque.

I am not sure where you are going with Tesla’s concept, but I thought you might be interested. Sincerely

Vance L. Turner


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