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This took place Septmber 25-30, 2014 - [1]

See FB - https://www.facebook.com/catarinamota/timeline/story?ut=43&wstart=0&wend=1425196799&hash=5103371273591943587&pagefilter=3&pnref=story

Open Source DIY House (48 photos) Some photos of our (in progress) open source, DIY house. The walls are built from compressed-earth-blocks made from our own soil and pressed with Open Source Ecology's open source brick press.The basic structure was built "barn raising style" by teams of volunteers in three 4-day sessions (led by Christopher Reinhart, Marcin Jakubowski and Jonathan Kocurek). We then worked with smaller teams to install the plumbing and electric systems, the firewood-powered hydronic in-ground heating, and finish the interiors. Overall, close to 100 people (architects, builders and amateurs) from around the world contributed to the design and build of this house. We're very proud of this and hope it'll help set a new standard for collaborative work and open source hardware.



  • Build Instructionals for MicroHouse 4 - [2]
  • Version history from MicroHouse 1-3 - [3]
  • Build Planning and Swarm Workflows - [4]
  • BOM - [5]
  • MicroHouse 4 Development - Development Spreadsheet

Artist's Rendition with Open Source Furniture


How do we use WebGL to create such walkthroughs?