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Floor Workflow



If we have 14x53 feet of CEB floor to do - https://docs.google.com/a/opensourceecology.org/presentation/d/1ZfrvXvAP8u8e7hrkF55pZuakQkJRRPKJPb4K3w-2HmA/edit#slide=id.g37364b6b6_20

inside the green area that is -

how long do you think it would take a team of 12 peple?

Do you think that a single person can do 150 bricks in a day? We had on average 2 people working on it the last time - and they laid 144 bricks each on average - including sand and setup - and it was somewhat leisurely - so I would estimate the actual laying time was 4-6 hours of actual work.

But perhaps to be safe - assume 75 bricks per person laid for a floor per day?

The setup time would be significant, though - put in the sand, say 2" base over the entire area, so still about 5 cubic yards of sand. Without tractor loading it in - that would be difficult.

We can thus say 4 hours setup and leveling - and then 75 bricks in the second half of the day?

Let me know your thoughts.



We were doing 13X10 in a couple of hours with 3 people.

I think you could easily get the full floor done in a day. I would say you could average 100-150 bricks/person/day. In 2 hours, you should be able to lay the bricks (maybe even a bit less). If you had 3-4 hours for the sand, then you'd have plenty of time.

If you have 2 entrances, you can do it as an assembly line, too: You could get one team bringing sand (4), another team following leveling (2), another team compacting(2), another bringing bricks(2), and the final one laying the bricks (2).

You'd want to trade people out on the assembly so your haulers don't get too tired.

Good luck, Abe