MicroHouse 4 Walls - Calculations

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We have shown so far in MicroHouse 1 and 2 that with an average of about 6 people laying bricks (3 people laying, 3 carrying bricks), we could lay 2500 bricks in 2 days. https://vimeo.com/75956538. This is an average of 200 bricks per person per day. This was in no way an efficient scenario.

Major bottlenecks revolved around availability of slurry, and this was also done with real-time pressing of brick - the bricks were not prepared in advance. There was no mapped out work-flow or lesson on technique - just ad-hoc 'let's do it!'

For considerations of fatigue, a brick laying sprint should not last more than one day. If it took 4 people on average to lay so many bricks - then the brick laying rate is about 250 per person per day. That is about 4500 lb of bricks laid. This is compared to 64 bricks per person per day for mortared bricks of MicroHouse 3.

If we assume a proven 250 per person per day (one brick per 2 minutes daily average), then to lay 5000 bricks, we would need 20 people laying bricks. Of these, 8 should be laying, 8 should be carrying (tending), and 4 should be tuck point including metal lat