MicroTrac Controller v18.02

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  • The latest version of the Microtrac controller which is used to control the hydraulic system of MicroTrac

Used For

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

  • Streamline previous version MicroTrac Controller v17.10
  • Simplify Remote Box
  • Use built in battery pack
  • Dual Hot Swappable Removable Batteries as Well
  • Charge and Data I/O through same USB cable (USB-C Possiby? Could get a huge power throughput then for quick charing via the "Power Distribution Standard")
  • Ruggedized (ie Water, Dust, Dirt, Temperature, Humidity, and Shock/Vibration Proof)
  • Modular
  • Easily Maintainable + Expandable

Basic Design

Removable Batteries

  • 2x Minimum Per Controller
  • Contains a LiPo Battery in a 3D Printed Enclosure
  • Has Rails on the outside of the enclosure for insertion into the Battery Module, or the External Battery Charger

Battery Module

  • 2x Minimum Slots Per Controller
  • Distributes battery power to all electronics, monitors+displays battery levels, and does intigrated charging
  • Has AC, and DC Ports for Power In (120V AC In + Alternator" and a "USB-C IN")
  • Has some sort of LED Indicator Screen/Very Basic LCD Screen for battery level indication
  • Distributes DC Power By a 10 USB-C Port HUB (oversized to allow for further expansion) (also note this one is for power delivery only NOT DATA)

Brains Module

  • 1x Rasberry Pi for IO + Screens
  • ?x Arduino(s) for servo contol
  • ?x Servo Breakout Boards(s) for servo control
  • 1x 10 Port USB-C HUB (oversized to allow for further expansion) (This one is mainly for Data and minor power requirements)

Automation Module

  • Allows for use of the Remote Operation Construction Set or automation technology such as
  • Uses those modules connected by two USB-C Cables (1 for power (to the Battery Module HUB) and one for data (to the Brains Module HUB)

Networking Module

  • 1x Control Single Board PC connected to the brains module
  • ?x USB-C IN
  • ?x Ethernet in (1GB Most Likely)
  • ?x Wifi Antenna
  • ?x Cellular (4/5g most likely) Antenna(s)
  • ?x Sattalite Antenna(s)
  • ?x LORAN Antenna(s)
  • ?x GPS Antenna(s)
  • ?x RC Antenna(s)


Tentative BOM

Remote Box

Onboard Box

  • (4) Momentary On-Off-Momentary On Swtich - grainger
  • (1) On-Off Switch - grainger

Wiring Diagram

Remote Box


Onboard Box


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