Microfact product ideas

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This will hold ideas for microfact products and product lines I would like to eventually design.

Production Machines

Machines for the factory.

Consumer electronics

Appliances and home drones

Connected coffee center

Wifi connected and water source connected.

Hive drone lawnmowers

Decent fast cheap lawnmowers. One can do a basic surburban lawn. More for larger lawns. They live in weather proof hutches and work together

Hive drone vaccumes and mops

These guys work together to clean the home

Smart laundry bin and mover drone

A more friendly version of the factory worker drone that does various menial moveing tasks ina home. Goes up and down stairs and is very careful and soft. Minimal strenght to ensure safety.

Home security

Something like open home for basic Home automation sensors and actuators. These products consist of a simple case and milled out electronic boards. Minimal mechanics here.

Home automation hub

Occupancy sensor

Wifi camera

Door sensor