Microfactory Boot Camp - Extruder Build

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The extruder is the working tool head of the 3D printer, which is fed with filament that is melted and extruded through a small nozzle. In the OSE 3D printer, this is perhaps the most complex component.

Our extruder is a modified version of the Prusa i3 MK2 Extruder - the Prusa i3 MK2 OSE Mod Extruder. This extruder is modified to use a larger inductive height sensor for sensing the distance of the nozzle from the print bed - in order to achieve automatic bed leveling. The larger sensor allows the sensor itself to be located higher above the print surface - thereby minimizing the chance that the height sensor will touch the printed object. This can happen if a print warps or comes off the bed surface, and is more important in the case of larger 3D printers.

We are using the authentic E3D V6 Hot End in our extruder. The video below starts with the assembly of the E3D hot end - which is documented well at the E3D website. Please see https://e3d-online.dozuki.com/Guide/V6+Assembly/6 to follow the procedure in the video below.

The video moves on to the assembly of the modified


  • 20:22 in the video - Collet Clip - see E3D Instructions regarding the Collet Clip. Note that because the filament hole in the extruder 3D printed piece is elongated - and the collet clip is elongated - the collet clip should sit in this hole in a way that allows the collet clip to line up with the hole.
  • 24:50 - location of drive gear
  • 25:29 - placing extruder cover on top of the extruder
  • 25:53 - fan nuts in cover need to be placed inside extruder cover
  • 29:37 - motor attachment
  • 31:36 - tensioner with m40 screws
  • 33:24 - print cooling fan