Microfactory Boot Camp - Introduction to Building the Axes

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Overview of the axes and how they are mounted to the frame. Machine orientation has to be kept in mind during the build so that the builder can orient parts correctly. In absence of magnetic mount, the interface plate of the working tool-head can be attached mechanically to the X axis carriage by bolting or gluing. As a feature freeze of v18.09, we are gluing the interface plate to the X axis carriage so we can move forward to product release.


  • At 2:35 - Marcin discusses the magnetic mount. For D3D v18.09 - we decided to remove the magnetic mount due to magnetic interference with the heat sink fan of the extruder.
  • The technique for attaching the magnets is still useful in general - and holds for other toolheads such as the laser head. The magnetic mount cannot be used with extruders with fans near the magnetic mount.
  • Interestingly, some fans were stalled by the magnets, and other fans appeared to work well. One could hear clearly that the fan would slow down in cases where the fan was placed close to the magnetic mount. Since this did not happen to all the fans - tracking down this issue during the build wasted a lot of time. This issue did not appear in 2 previous builds. This was identified as a supply chain issue. To remove this issue from the equation, we decided to glue the extruder mount to the carriage.