Microfactory Boot Camp - Software Toolchain for 3D Printing

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The OSE software toolchain for 3D printing involves Arduino Environment, OSE Marlin, and D3D Lulzbot Cura. The current version of OSE Marlin can be found at D3D_v18.09#Software.


  • Beginning - examples of useful 3D prints in aquaponics and building materials
  • 2:37 - Toolchain uses the Arduino - you upload software from your computer to the A?rduino, and then you use Cura to control the 3D printer. Alternately, you can use an SD card to 3D print without using a dedicated computer.
  • 4:20 - Open hardware is live and thriving with the Open Compute project - which is a good example of how open source hardware reduces costs drastically in the telecom industry.
  • 7:21 - Download Arduino Environment v1.6.8 - programming environment for OSE Marlin
  • 9:29 - Settings to modify within Marlin
  • 12:20 - We use D3D Lulzbot Cura as the software for controlling the 3D printer.