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Hello Boot Camp Participants -

Thank you for signing up to the Open Source Microfactory Boot Camp - and we look forward to some excellent learning.

We build the 3D printer on the first day, and on the 7th day we build a larger one again - and the days in between are filled with the recycling plastic for filament production, CNC Circuit Milling, and Laser Cutting all based on our Universal Axis product ecology. We will have time to learn basic design and prototyping using fully open source and accessible tool chain. One of the goals is to show that public product development is possible - and we think inevitable - as more people gain access to open source tools and techniques - and as open source design repositories for quality products are created.

Please review the detailed schedule - and let me know by responding to this email what is most interesting to you - or if you would like to modify or add other topics of exploration for this workshop - or even if you


We have some flexibility - the goal is to cover what is most interesting to you - providing a holistic perspective on democratized production.

Just some notes:

  1. If you are flying, please plan on arriving on the evening of August 24 so we can arrange car pooling.
  2. Bring a laptop if you want to learn the software tools first hand. Please download OSE Linux and create a live USB if you would like to have a seamless software experience throughout the Boot Camp. We will be running FreeCAD, KiCAD, and other open source software - and the OSE Linux assures that it works for everyone regardless of their operating system. #See more info and download the thing at https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/OSE_Linux
  3. We have sheets and pillows if you are staying in our HabLab dorm - but it would be useful to bring your own towel.
  4. To bring the 3D printer home with you - plan on shipping or boxing up for the plane if you are not driving to the workshop. There is a USPS one mile away, and UPS 1/2 hour away.
  5. Logistics and Expectations Form - Please tell us more about what your learning objectives - and some more details on logistics so we can coordinate better - by filling our our 5 minute expectations and logistics form at https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Workshop_Logistics_2018
  6. If you are knowledgeable and can teach relevant materials - let us know in the form in item 5.

Please also respond with any questions or comments - especially on what you'd like to learn - and pass this on to others who may be attending with you.



Open Source Microfactory Boot Camp