Microfactory SBIR Proposal

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Proposal to create a $50k startup cost microfactory that can do:

  • 3D Printing. See 3D Printer Technological Recursion
  • laser cutting, and CNC milling
  • 3D printing of tires at 20 lb/day/printer
  • Recycling of metals, plastics, and ceramics from scrap to virgin characterized materials
  • Metal melting, rolling to ingot and billet steel
  • Precision 3D metal printing via sintering (MIM level quality using MIM pellets or MIM-based filament)
  • Nonprecision metal 3d printing via hot wire TIG
  • Cookstove metal casting of ZA metal and other 40ksi tensile strength metals
  • 3D printer precision level MIG casting
  • Power electronics for induction furnaces, inverters, welders, TIG welders, plasma cutters, lasers, chargers, motor controllers
  • Oxyhydrogen CNC torching
  • 50kW off-grid wind for $5k
  • $500 for a 5000 lb tractor
  • Hydraulic components, valves, cylinders, motors can be produced
  • Electric valve timing engines can be produced.