Microhouse on wheels

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The basic idea is to develop plans for a microhouse that would meet requirements for transportation along roads. It seems like in many countries, the width is restricted to 255 cm for towing without obtaining special permission. By building on a modular and digital design that can be easily modified and shared, like the WikiHouse concept, the design can easily be adapted to local requirements and needs. Another feature by the WikiHouse concept is that it utilises a standard building material like plywood/OSB, together with an uncomplicated process for manufacturing, depending mainly on access to a CNC router.

A resource could be developed in Sketchup Make, which is free for personal and non-commercial use. The program is also very adapted for working with modular designs, as it's handling of components is good.


  • A template for modular design with 150 mm structural dimension based on 18 mm plywood/OSB sheets
  • Applications
    • A small house/cottage with two sleeping spaces, kitchen and bathroom
    • A combined workshop and studio, with separate compartments for work and rest/study
  • Templates for other dimensions of plywood/OSB sheets