Microtrac Tracks

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Select Video Examples of Tracks

Kanga Micro Skid Steer 2:34

Toro Dingo Micro Skid Steer Loader 1:31

Power Trac Articulated Micro Loader 2:18

A History of Crawler Tractors Crawler History 2:38

Small Crawler  :28

Homemade Crawler 3:05

Many people have cut tracks from tractor tires. This fellow added the treads from two tractor tires and two additional wheels to a zero turn lawn mower creating a tracked play toy. He also proves that leaving adequate sidewalls and providing the right tension of the tractor tread tracks is adequate to keep them in place. This is mover conversion not a skid steer conversion. Zero Turn Mower 1:38

How to cut off tire side walls: Home Made Tire Cutter 3:27

Commercial Sidewall Cutter :50

Manual Sidewall Removal 3:31

How the tracks are made, mounted and driven vary. Some are made from car tire tread. These examples are well made and well finished.

Homemade Steel Tracks 5:41

Carefully made tracks in use 1:41

Carefully made tracks in snow 2:40

Carefully made tracks blueprints 1:00

Making Carefully made tracks 3:04