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Wed Jul 1, 2015

Lex Berezhny 8:39 PM Marcin: I just realized that with the current layout of the rotors you're still getting more than 44" For example, if you look at Page 11
me 8:40 PM I'm looking at it. Which dimension do you dispute?
Lex Berezhny 8:40 PM 44" because the rotor is 44" but you can see it doesn't go all the way to the edge
me 8:40 PM 20" for platform, 2 tracks at 10" width each, and spac of 2" each.
Lex Berezhny 8:40 PM so, you've got like another 6" i think me 8:41 PM My numbers add to 20+4+20.
Lex Berezhny 8:41 PM isn't the rotor 44" long though?
me 8:41 PM No? Rotor critical dimension is 22" from front plate to back plate.
Lex Berezhny joined group chat.
me 8:42 PM Motor is on back plate, adding 8" more.
Lex Berezhny 8:42 PM Oh, so the shaft can be shortened? I thought the shaft length was also not changeable?
me 8:43 PM Then you have front shaft. Accounting for front shaft - 12" so it doesn't stick out beyond the tarck track We can cut it if we want to whatever we need. 12 is plenty for track mounting.
Lex Berezhny 8:43 PM the on in sketchup is 28"
me 8:43 PM Sorry.
Lex Berezhny 8:43 PM ah, okay hmmm, that changes things okay
me 8:44 PM There are many inconsistencies, just saw some bad files on Lucas Log. We need to clean things up.

Lex Berezhny 6:14 PM Marcin: Does the length matter? Maybe if the platform is longer the powercube could be placed directly on platform without interfering with tracks? I assume the width is importan to fit through standard openings? But length could be longer, right? It's that dang Universal Rotor, it's just so huge for a "micro" tractor :-D
me 6:16 PM To within practical limits of maneuverability. The longer they are, the more radial stress on axles upon turning. Our general design principle is not longer than wide. Toro is 70". http://www.toro.com/professional/sws/brochure/Track_specs.pdf Remember that we are using gutterpunk bearing systems - common 4-bolt flange bearings not designed for axial thrust.
Lex Berezhny 6:16 PM okay, i'll keep that in mind, i'll try to modify the sketch, unfortunately i accidentally deleted the one i did yesterday, but that's okay, i'll try to make a new, better, one
me 6:17 PM Otherwise, price goes way up. That's why we are doing articulated design - to allow huge machines with minimal axial thrust. sorry, radial thrust.
Lex Berezhny 6:17 PM And there is no way to reduce the size of the rotor, right?
me 6:17 PM Articulation for larger machines. No.
Lex Berezhny 6:18 PM okay I'll think about it and try to come up with a new design and post it, I'll make sure to upload the sketch to wharehouse this time
me 6:18 PM Basically, the above allows 10-100 cost reduction over industry standard Cat D7 bulldozer. Uplaod the old one too.
Lex Berezhny 6:19 PM I accidentally deleted it. If i can't come up with a new/better design I'll recreate the one I did yesterday and upload that.
me 6:19 PM https://www.facebook.com/OpenSourceEcology/photos/a.10151381815921562.574965.66469461561/10154027343551562/?type=1&theater
Lex Berezhny 6:20 PM cool