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Logistics and Practical Checklist

  1. Did you submit a resume?

File:Michael Harbin Resume.pdf

  1. Please introduce yourself and what position you are applying for (if not clear on position, it will be covered later)
  • Interested in design, loves working in the lab, likes to plan them and CAD them - know some limited CAE analysis - could work on stress analysis for Ironworker blades over 2 weeks to learn how to do it - did courses on understanding forces at work with Mills and Lathes. He knows the fundamentals and could learn to do these things.
  1. Are you interested in building things too?

Yes - very much enjoys working in the workshop.

  1. Which GVCS tools interest you?

Energy junky - loves working with energy aspect, solar, wind turbines, likes agriculture too - no experience with agriculture

  1. Modern Steam Engine and Biomass Pelletizer?


  1. Are you interested in working on-site at FeF or are you interested in remote collaboration.


  1. Are you applying as a volunteer or for a paid position?

Paid position

  1. Are you ok with a 2 week trial period? One month trial period?
  2. If it's the paid position, is $2000/month acceptable to you?
  3. Which track are you interested in (management or admin/apprentice/entrepreneur)
  4. When are you available?

After May 15th

  1. How long will you stay with us?
  2. How did you find out about us?
  3. Have you seen my TED Talk?
  4. What do you care about?

Helping people. I owe it to the world to help those less fortunate than me. OSE is one of the few companies that could be successful in trying to help people.

  1. What do you see yourself doing with us at Factor e Farm?
  2. How does our work relate to your care?

The current economy is not working, and the only option that could work would be an open source economy - where people work with the earth and live sustainably - independent communities that don't depend on Big Brother to provide

  1. For that which you care about doing with us, what is your track record/work samples?
  2. How much shop experience do you have?

Shop class, made their own robot, made structural beams, made nuts, etc. For NASA, they CADed the entire design, prototyped it with the 3D printer, made it on the mill and lathes - the mill was use for making plates and structural L-beams,

  1. What are your long-term goals?

Help as many people as possible. After the 50 machines are done, I would take what I learned and try to implement my own ideas that I've accumulated - researching into free energy or new energy. John Bedini is doing great work on new energy.

  1. Work samples?

He will send examples of his work.

  1. What are your outside interests?

Meditation. The Law of One book is great. Channeling research - contacting entities - claiming to contact people of a higher dimension - author asked them questions. The meditation technique is based on the fact that we are all one and individuals should see themselves in other people and that philosophy applies to him.

  1. How do you meditate?

Once in the morning and once at night. Meditation is a reflection tool to analyse what happened throughout the day and reflect on his decisions.

  1. What is your strongest value that you'll add?

Creativity. He can solve problems creatively - in the past his design teams will go with his designs to solve a problem - his ideas focus on simplicity - they're easy to design and manufacture and improve. Modularity is the only thing that makes sense.

  1. What have you done to help other people?

Zeitgeist Movement - he made a bunch of fliers and put them up at his campus and handed them out - provocative things to get people to look outside the box. When Pensacola was hit by a hurricane - he helped with that.

  1. School ranking

Graduated with honors with 3.3 GPA

  1. What do you hope to get out of this experience?
  2. Flash mobs - will you be able to organize a flash mob crew? How?

Start with people he knew in his personal network - repoir - contact people and let them know what he's doing and ask them if they can help -

  1. Deliverables?

He's done daily and weekly stuff - that's part of the process.

  1. Free time?

I spend most of my time researching - don't watch television.

  1. Electronics?

Took some coursework on electronics - fairly good programmer - made circuit boards with arduino for the nasa project.

  1. Cad to cam conversion?


  1. Program an application that would allow you to take cad and convert to tool paths for the torch table?

At the university, they use MathLab for everything, I know C and C++ languages and some Java.

  1. Sawmill CAD Project - make CAD for it from video and dimensions - not necessarily the complete package - Monday the 14th - we will send him dimensions by Tuesday at noon
  2. What software do you have for CAD?


  1. Do you have any questions for us?

We need you now - doing CAD torch table, sawmill, CEB Press,

  1. What creative things would you do?

Use the lab to work on energy systems - John Bedini

  1. What is your main interest?

I would love to help with agriculture so I could feel like I contributed completely. I don't like the idea of a guy being stuck on the farm because he couldn't do anything else - I want to see people be able to do many things.

Select Questions

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Tell me about the last 5 years of your life.
  3. What are you interested in getting out of this opportunity?
  4. What do you think is the best use of your time?
  5. What are your three strongest skills that you bring to this position? Substantiate.
  6. What are the principles you use as guidance?
  7. What are your professional accomplishments that you are most proud about?
  8. If you could investigate anything, what would it be?
  9. What are your most important resources?
  10. What are the qualities that are inspiring about you?
  11. What opportunities are you hoping to get?
  12. What inspires you?
  13. What are your outside interests?
  14. How do you add value?
  15. What are 5 of your greatest accomplishments in your professional history?
  16. What are 5 of your greatest failures in your professional history?
  17. Illustrate your creativity.
  18. What do you look for when hiring someone?
  19. Would you rather create strategy, design a solution, solve a problem, or create a process? Why that?
  20. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What did you learn in your present job or position? How long would it take you to make a contribution to this company? What do you imagine that contribution would be? Why should we hire you? What can you offer that someone else does not? What interests you most about this position? What interests you least about this position?