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Hi Mike,

Thanks for joining today - the assignment is on the MicroTrac traction tracks.

Please see Gary's prior work on it:


See Points 1-4.

Please study the several links there.

The concept is there for the tracks - but the file with Gary's tracks is not there. Gary, please send us the file and update your log with it.

Further notes on MicroTrac are here - http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Microtractor

The old one was a one wheeler, but that didn't have enough traction.

Here are my thoughts. (1) You finish the tracks. (2) Inquire with your 3D printer friend what file format you need to print the tracks. (3) Export your tracks in that file format in sections. (4) Print a large number of these tracks - to make a complete track. Either have the tracks snap together, or use some pins to put them together - just as a scale model.

Thanks, Marcin


Here is the file for the tracks.


You see a 6" wide small track - it will go on small wheels - just like car spare tires.

That's the Mictrotrac track. This needs to be completed: wrapping itself around the wheels of the microtrac as in the links in the former email.

I am keeping this linked at http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Mike_Jordan_Log

which can be accessed from the green spreadsheet at the bottom of our Dashboard:


After you are done, are you interested in trying a 3D print - so you can actually do a scale model of the complete track?