Milestone Areas

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  • Open Building Institute - the super modular integrated bio home - an OffGrid living structure at 1/3 the cost of industry standards.
  • Aquaponics Greenhouse - an 800 square foot hyper efficient diet option when combined with edible landscaping, part of an integrated food and waste management system.
  • Open source industrial fab lab - a 4000 SF facility that includes hot metal rolling and precision machining, allowing the creation of an advance civilization from scrap steel.
  • Open Source Agroecology - broad scale regenerative agriculture install capacity focusing on perennial poly cultures that come true from seed. Initial phase - seed procurement strategy to reduce startup cost. Also can be called open source permaculture in some scenarios.
  • Open Source Nursery
  • Power Electronics Construction Set - from motor control to grid intertie to windmill to induction furnace to CNC controls to welder to robots with optical link.
  • Open Source Multimachine. Center - for making up to metal pours and flats, rolling pipe, coiling, and precision machines. From melt to parts.
  • Electric Motor Construction Set
  • Team Development
  • open source machining center - CNC cut plus heavy duty plus winding plus press. A
  • Collaborative. Innovation. Institute - an open source product and service development center
  • land stewardship - keyline economic plant out plus land investment for all future generations. Keyline and squipment and greenhouse integrated IFWMS are milestones, as well as trained land stewards
  • tractor construction set
  • power cube - micro, electric, gasifier
  • cnc cutting and gas - oxy hydrogen, plasma, laser, water jet, EDM, and etc
  • collaborative Dev method - autonomous dev template. Overall process literacy for open source product dev
  • collaborative literacy and open source ecology culture. Lifestyle, skills, transcendence, transparency, movement entrepreneurship