Mini Wire Reel

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The objective is to keep a small wire neatly rolled and/or separate wires organized together.

Action Info

Source: 1" Diameter, 72" Length, 6061T6 Aluminum Round Bar

3/16" Dia, 72" Length, 6061T6 Aluminum Round Bar

Cut it to length (ex. 100mm)

Drill two 6mm diameter holes; 1 hole spaced 10mm from the end and 1 hole spaced 60mm from the same end. It's better to drill larger diameter holes to give enough tolerance for the rod-bending to come.

Cut the thin aluminum rod to length (ex. 200mm) and bend it to form a C that fits inside the two holes of the larger diameter aluminum rod. Now bend the C slightly outward so that in order to fit it again, you need to bend the C inward each time.