Miracle Orchard Planning

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Stefan did Landscape Architecture at Guelph - [1].

GIS Mapping of useful crop - Peter Russel + James Samuel.

Michael Derr - the bible of propagation - Manual of Woody Plant Propagation.

Phytosanitarium certificate - $85. Seeds and cuttings ok. But Poland would go

http://www.piotrkosc.pl/nursery.html - gooseberry in Poland.

Dirr, M.A. 1998. Manual of Woody Landscape Plants. Stipes Publishing Co., Champaign, IL. (1453 p.)

http://www.sln.potsdam.ny.us - ornamental but much on edibles.





Bring a cooler - potluck. Everybody brings their food. Big buffet table. Anyone with specific requirements brings their own. Makes it so much simpler. Always works out, and never not enough food. Saturday night - people stay later. Bring something, we supply something.

Clean value offer for OSE open source nursery membership -offer: workshop, membership, plants: 1000 plants for 200 dollars. And International Fruit Expeditions. Order away from nurseries in other countries. Material available in the future. Tour, visit, edu, teach. Horticulture tour of Poland. Horticulture tour of Poland.

  • Access to annual expedition.
  • Patent right facilitation.
  • Open database and membership -
  • Chapters - OSE Miracle Orchards?
  • 1000 hectares with 1000 people and 50 countries - yes
  • Click on a map - see who is closest to me?
  • OSE Miracle Orchards
  • 50 people at $25 for tours - $1000 per day
  • Tour + Nursery + Information - trios, etc.
  • Seed business integration
  • Open Source Aquaponics Operation
  • People change when they see an example.
  • $100k/year from 2000 sf using CSA model.
  • Violo de Champignon - https://violonetchampignon.com/?lang=en
  • Cuttings or scions for Stefan's work - plum cultivar - suckers - on its own root or grafted. Or use seedlings. pear, apple -
  • Plum source - mt royal plum.
  • Pear - usurian pear -
  • M26 - dwarfing suckered. On heavier soils, get lots of aphids. If too vigorous on clay, attract aphids. M9 is stronger.
  • Seaberry - russia. It has nasty thorns. Russian ones have no thorns. Do they come true from seed? Phytosanitarium certificate. Great nitrogen fixer. Going more to cultivars. Medicinal and s


  • Nafex -
  • U. Saskatchewan cherries.