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  • Deletion program - produce components locally. Import duty free under condition that 75% will be produced locally. First gummit allows import of certain parts, then the company starts to produce.
  • Generator business - lots of big guys, but it's easy. Should do it.
  • Solar power - everyone is cheating, say 100MW plant. Efficiency goes down, say to 3 MW - solar tracking. Efficiency level is fluctuating. That is difficult. Washing panels, etc. Even the germans say you will get 30% less. So cost of project is wrong. Should say, it's a 100MW, but you only get 60MW.
  • Mobin developed 250 machines
  • Ex. Movin offered $10k for a machine that cost is $100k. So they were getting the machine for $50k, and $50k from loans - essentially, keep foreign investment in.
  • Ex. a spinning mill that requires 12,000 spindles. $10M project. The company pays $1M. Rest is loans, etc. Not interested in lower cost equipment because wanted to keep foreign investment.
  • Pakistani company started producing spindles, even China imported their product. Chinese dropped their price to $50 per spindle. Bankers everywhere discourage local production.
  • Bring technology and local jobs. Gummit will get you land. 10k tractors/year in any small country.
  • Don't be a dead hero. You only have so many years.
  • Start easy first. Tech transfer happens slowly and gradually.
  • Cylinder head and cylinder block - are hard. +/-10 or 25 micron accuracy.
  • Slides - made their own slides and beds. 2-8 feet long. Cast and slighly machine, leave it in air for 1 month to fully season it.
  • Hardy - company in Taiwan
  • Trucks, buses, planes used to be all produced by UK, etc, now china
  • China bought Gwadar port from Pakistan
  • 16,000 km bullet trains in China! Will do a bullet train with 300 km under sea tunnel
  • Motorcycle assembly in Africa interest. 75,000 motorcyles are being sold every month. Trade minister of an african country. "Good thing is that i've developed a liking for you." "In my case, how do we alleviate poverty, what do we do. Angle of alleviating poverty. He has fantastic documentation."


  • Engine head and block - casting - machining schould be easy, casting should be low cost. Cylinder head and block. One cylinder, 2 cylinder, 3 cylinder diesels. Marine engines are modular - you stack on additional sections to get more power.
  • crank, cam - no problem
  • Modular engine - yes!