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  • Moral intelligence is the source of deep purpose (conation) and rapid learning, because moral, as opposed to cognitive or emotional intelligence, is the central intelligence that drives the others.
  • We create Abundance Curriculum, in which moral intelligence is one of the key learnings.
  • The model of change is creating a replicable model for 24 person builder cohorts, training to be civilization builders.
    • Key challenge is closing the gap between brute builders and visionaries - how to roll this out when the builders and 'civilization innovators' are typically not the same person?
    • 'Proving model' must involve proving retention, which is not guaranteed if people are not engaged in learning. We need to close the gap between 'builder' and 'civilization innovator' through ongoing education. Thus, what is the work-study model?

Model: hire 6 builders, prove the basic building program. As the construction side gets to be proven, we develop curriculum, open the civilization builder apprenticeship. Builders can stay 100% building, or they can transition to 50-50 building-learning, which is leadership training towards civilization reconstruction. Apprentices engage in 50-50 building-learning.

  • Basic apprentice model- 1000 hours work, 1000 hours of immersion study each year. We pay from low to high at the person's pace of learning, with pay corresponding to competency. There is a motivation there to learn, via extrinsic reward. You practice as much as you want on your own time, for a win-win situation, to raise your pay. You re-test competency on an ongoing basis so we have data on learning capacity and rate. We invest in Rapid Learning Capacity. There is school, paid, and volunteer work - school is high quality curriculum you pay for. Your work schedule is intended to get you to Mastery as a Master Builder, at which point you can move on to managing crews (4 year expected time). Master Builder can take the Blueprints, and execute at 80-100% of optimal documented performance. Optimum is defined as data-verified production rate with proper infrastructure, jigs, tools. The theoretical part that the Master Builder needs to know is understanding what 'optimal' means for any build process: documentation wise, process wise, tool wise, etc. Understanding the distinction in terms of allowing open, distributed production. We start with hands-on building in the apprenticeship at the same time as the theoretical learning happens, so that we can provide optimal learning rates without overloading students. Overload is a serious issue to consider, as our core is pushing the limits of direct learning (hands on) optimization that is also scalable to the average person. Thus we will always be operating at the edge.
  • Promise is Mastery Learning. In 4 years one masters construction. Promise is 'Construction Manager, at top pay scales in the industry.'
  • Graduate study follows first 4 tears - another 4 years of 'grad school.' I believe that in 8 years, we create a genius civilization builder who can replicate operations. They have mastered moral intelligence, and have the skills to design and build anything because they learned a wide, diverse skill set.

Other Notes

  • We provide abundant production, but it doesn't make a difference without a civilizational culture shift to open, collaborative economies fueled by moral intelligence.
  • Proposed solution: education that provides production and moral intelligence, at a formative age when individuals still have the capacity to learn the same
  • We did not learn from WW2. Churchill summarized the theme, in Triumph and Tragedy, the 6th volume of his epic, 'How the Great Democracies Triumphed, and so Were able to Resume the Follies Which Had so Nearly Cost Them Their Life.
  • Practical solutions - 24 cohort of problemsolvers who engage in production in exchange for education. Rollout: excellent builders, who then sign up for more education. They self-select for interest in the big picture, as they are open-minded AND visionary. It may be that this dog doesn't exist.
    • Is it sufficient to present the United World College pitch? Elite, needs a couple million in infrastructure investment
    • 24 cohort becomes compelling when the education is good. Invest in the education. We hire you to be a construction manager major with a minor in civilization design.
  • Then we create the 240 cohorts, where they major in Paradise Design at a mastery level.of skill.