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  • Goal - generate blueprints for modules. (in which case the location would not even be needed).


  1. Design module. Put everything needed in there.
    1. Apertures, wiring, blocking, plumbing, water, components - this is how we 5x the module build speed.
  2. Put it in the right location in the house.
  1. Example - I1 -

Floor 1 Process

coordinate is 'left side top of foundation' at 0,0,0

  1. Design Wall Module 1-30 (structure)
  2. Parameters - wall module type.
    1. There are n types - corner, reg, door, window, double door
  3. Add standard electrical outlets (base level design)
    1. Parameters: number of bay in each module, single-double-triple
    2. Design Rules - human puts it in by going through a checklist of requirements.
    3. Requires a concept drawing to meet code (6' requirement)
    4. Start at Breaker Box Module
  4. Add Service Devices (breaker, transfer, inverter, etc)
  5. Add lights
  6. Add kitchen
  7. Add heaters
  8. Add Heat pump
  9. Add vent fans
  10. Add plumbing
    1. Stable.
  11. Add interior walls
  12. Add laundry
  13. Add landing
  14. Add stairs
  15. Add closet under stairs
  16. Add washer
  17. Add Garage
  18. Add Garage Railings, siding, carpet
  19. Add canopy
  20. Add trellis
  21. Add PV