Module Integration

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  1. Attach joints - shark bite fittings, plumbing fittings, electrical boxes
  2. Pre-make assemblies for attachment - complete exposed shower side to loose holder, vent fan with wiring, CSED with breakers and knockout adapter; welded plumbing assemblies; water heater with fittings; water entrance; washer box, etc.
  3. Annotate modules - box locations with description, component labels
  4. Dingleassemblies - outlet box with coiled up wire of correct length, stapled next to box, flat so it doesn't stick out; cSEd premountes on wall module; plbingbattached spanning entire module ready for interconnect
  5. exterior boxes preattached with hole through wall and mount;
  6. Trim pre-painted
  7. Washer, heater, prewired and plumbed
  8. Boxes prewired - with device - so electrical is verified. Test devices - light sockets dangling and tested
  9. Cabinets pre-cut. Big kitchen table pre-glued. Sink cutout for clamping.