Mon Apr 11, 2016 Notes

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Connect True Fans to greater development program. If you have completed your TF subscription, we can apply for foundational fellowships.

Value proposition for Distributive Enterprise Fellows - $1500 per month, OSE offers proposal development for 3 months of development culminating in at least one workshop event. For some it is on-site ($500 more) but others is remote. Proposal development - 1 full day of time. Weekly meeting. Webinar. Risk share: OSE is compensated for time, based on clarity of direction, and person is rewarded for follow through, which addresses that people don't have enough information to make sound decisions as a general rule. To hedge such risk, OSE needs of conti uity and financial self-sufficiency must be addressed up front, given that its followthrough is guaranteed. OSE offering is further 3 hours of shop teaching per week, and tool certification. The first session there revolves around shop inventory. This combines site and etc.

Aquaponic greenhouse in front of HabLab guarantees revenue plus heat for the winter. Revenue from a workshop and from production, assuming development of a few other items - azolla, duckweed, etc, and integration with a separating toilet.

Need to do a Strategic Assessment for development approach and priorities. Which Enterprise is closest to market? Which Enterprise do we have staff for? What is the revenue potential? What is the impact on economic stabilization? What is the impact on expansion? What is the impact on other key metrics? How do synergies arise from a given project? Where is there most serious stakeholdership? What has the largest dissemination potential via mass appeal? What would be the easiest topic to find a qualified developer for? How do we develop revenue models for FreeCAD development? How do we deploy the first construction set? Are we on track for 2016 goals? What are the top 12 projects, and what is the sequence for them? How do we develop the HR Team most effectively?

What is the single largest opportunity? Strength? Weakness? Threat? Operationalizable. What is the single largest priority? What is the single largest tech development priority? What is the single largest physical infrastructure development priority? What is the single largest HR priority? What is the single largest strategic priority?