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I am from Africa. I am highly interested in what you folks are doing. I am a computer consultant for unc general administration. I am passionate with permaculture. Factor e live is the coolest project I have seen. I would love to communicate more with you. Were I am from, people could learn a lot from you and cut down on youth emigration to other countries where they usually suffer a lot.

I hope to talk to your team. Where are you located? I live in Durham, NC. Peace, Moose

Moustapha Barry <>

from YouTube

I was pleased to had a chance to talk to you today. As I said. I will do all my best to help in any way possible. Two places that I can definitely move some blocks are at my church (Church Of Reconciliation) and with the Carolina Farmers Stewardship Association. As people are looking into apprenticeship, I believe some extra hands can be directed towards your project. If you want the word to get out there, it will.

My name is Moustapha Barry. I was nicknamed Moose. I come from Senegal, West Africa. Grown in a small catholic community in southern Senegal in a village called Thionck Essyl, the nature bug and the traditional social security never left my mind.

While in wisconsin teaching Environmental Education, I came in contact with the word Permaculture, life has never been the same since then. Giving back to communities that saw me growing is a big thing in my life.

Today I am a computer consultant for UNC General Administration, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I love helping people. Giving back is my strongest draw. My dream is to set and institute in Africa that will teach the very much needed skills on appropriate technology.

I was instrumental in getting Permaculture to Senegal in 1996. What you folks doing goes straight to my heart. May your paths be blessed. I can not wait to meet you. I hope to do that as soon as possible.

Peace, Moose