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This is a Proposal Brief/Bid as suggested at item 12 of the GVCS_Development_Template. It should in general include:

  • Problem statement: defines the basic need and solution defines how the need is met
  • Solution
  • Budget
  • Development details


This machine is a highly-replicable, low-cost, CNC Multimachine for general purpose precision machining of all types, including making of gears and inner splines/keyways, and including a surface grinder attachment for making precision metal from stock. Intended purpose is making items including hydraulic motors, steam engines, electrical generators, couplers of all sorts, and precision motion systems. It can also be retrofitted in later versions with other tool heads for overkill operations including router, 3D printer, circuit mill, and torch.

Development Process

See overall GVCS Tools Status for the status of all the 50 different machines. For more details on the development process for each of the 50 prototypes, see GVCS_Development_Template

Dan Granett

See [1]

  • Deliverable: 1-2 weeks of design - Complete design of Prototype 1 of a Precision Multimachine; prototype fabricated in 2-3 weeks, after this concept is proposed.
    • Mill/drill/lathe capacity with surface grinder attachment; vertical or horizontal milling option; indexing head;
    • xyz manual motion with DIY DRO, upgradeable to CNC
    • Grinder attachment for making tool bits
    • Cold-cut saw attachment
  • Location: design and prototyping shall take place in Dan's workshop, in Berkeley, California.


  • Super-flexible machine with add-on modules, as a centerpiece precision machine
  • Open source heavy duty stepper motor controllers (later version)
  • Low-cost - hydraulic drive with interchangeable motors; open source design

Conceptual Design Drawings

Compelling pictures

Calculations and Detailed Specifications

  • Weight
  • Precision
  • Working Area - 4 foot lathe bed, 12 inch? vertical travel, 12"? cross slide (which is practical for


  • Bid Amount: $4.5k for one full time month of development, plus materials. Th

Estimated Bill of Materials

  • Base up to xyz table attachment and arm attachment
  • Arm
  • Head
  • Up-down manual motion mechanism -
  • XYZ table with motion system
  • Surface grinder attachment
  • Indexing head
  • Lathe addition
  • ...

Fabrication Procedure

Please fill in as much detail as possible