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Progress Report

07/07/11 : worked on organizing wiki information so that information doesn't get lost and is readily available.

Spindle designs are done for the most part, bearings should be adequate at P5 specification and will run 56000 rpm normally with a maximum limit of 7000 RPM.

Unanswered Questions

  • source for Resin Epoxy (less important with concrete frame)
  • methods for a concrete cast base
  • will epoxy resin between concrete and steel surface be strong enough to support the milling table

current tasks

  • CAD model machine frame (concrete)
  • test of epoxy resin alignment methods (jig to hold part 40 thou (1mm) above bonding surface and then epoxy resin in place)
  • working on redesigning to use a precast concrete base that will have components mounted onto it.

Joining the Multimachine Project

If you want to work on the Multimachine project please have filled out a Team Culturing Survey and leave a paragraph and your name below. Currently areas of expertise that we need are, concrete base/reinforcement, hydraulic system, statics, and general mechanical design.

Funding Situation

07/07/11 : Dunwoody College of Technology has expressed interest in funding a first prototype, they would pay for materials and costume tooling, but would own the first model when completed. I (Shonda) believe its a good idea if money, rather then time, is an issue because a lot of the kinks of the design can be worked out in the first prototype and the second machine will be that much faster and slightly cheaper to produce.


  • probably 2 weeks to a month of design time, if its only me, before I have a finished design to build.