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current model, still a lot of work to do (this one was eyeballed). no drive for any of the tables yet but I'll(Shonda) have it in a couple days.

Project Description

A machine tool capable of:

  • milling
  • turning
  • drilling
  • grinding at 6000RPM
  • belt sanding
  • cutoff saw

Project Team

Jershonda Baker, Project manager

Design Rationale

This project is an attempt to design a modular set of technologies that can be used for designing and building machine tools. Since no one machine design is the better then another, developing the methodology, tools and materials to easily build specialized tools gives much greater flexibility then a single static design.

technologies included are:

  • linear rails
  • high speed spindle
  • ACME drive with anti-backlash nut
  • replication material alignment
  • Epoxy/Granite Filler for vibration dampening
  • indexing head for gear cutting and radial parts
  • rotary table for arcs and radii
  • Digital Read Out (DRO)

Design Concept

For source, go to Open Pario Multimachine repository - [1]

spindle is a counter bored pipe with bearings and seals pressed in. The pipe housing is then mounted in the machine frame and made vertical to the world. long dovetail ways are aligned perpendicularly to the spindle and parallel to each other. once alignment is complete epoxy/granite is then mixed and applied to the frame increasing rigidity and weight. Opposing slide for the embedded dovetail is then assembled onto the embedded dovetail (slide | gibb | embedded slide | space | embedded slide| slide) cast in place.


spindle $300

  • spindle bearings 33011/Q 55mm by 90mm by 27mm 80$ each X2
  • pipe housing and spindle $30 each X2
  • round bar 4.25" ~$50
  • seals $10 each X2
  • preload nuts 45mm X2

compared to a fully outfitted Bridgeport vertical mill at $30,000 (with DROs, tool changer and power feeds)


  • hybrid rebar/concrete cast bases (later work to be done on epoxy/granite bases)
  • spindle with < .001in (25 microns) of runout (shuck will increase runout but .01 at spindle nose should be doable)
  • max spindle speed > 6000RPM
  • table true to within .001 (25 microns) on length
  • modular liner rails from 6" - 50" (300mm - 1.25m) travel or more
  • modular rails and spindle fit to bed with replication material sealant
  • overarm for mounting arbors and vertical heads


compilation of E/G thread from practical machinist (link Tips and Tricks for castig) (you may have to be logged in as a member of the group to look at the file, I'll ask if i can copy the file onto our wiki)

sites (work with E/G