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  • A type of shellfish
  • They have been farmed since Since Romans/Ancient Europe according to wikipedia

"Oyster farming was practiced by the ancient Romans as early as the 1st century BC on the Italian peninsula.[3] With the Barbarian invasions the oyster farming in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic came to an end.

In 1852 Monsieur de Bon started to re-seed the oyster beds by collecting the oyster spawn using makeshift catchers. An important step to the modern oyster farming was the oyster farm built by Hyacinthe Boeuf in the Ile de Ré. After obtaining the rights to a part of the coast he built a wall to make a reservoir and to break the strength of the current. Some time later the wall was covered with spat coming spontaneously from the sea which gave 2000 baby oysters per square metre."

  • They may also serve as a stage of water filtration as they are filter feeders
  • They are grown for food, although some produce pearls
  • Their Shells are a good source of Calcium carbonate

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