Mycelium MgO Building Panel

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From Pliny Fisk

I have started drawing up the MgO / Mycelium building panel as far as I can tell it actually can be open source - if one looks at all the work going on it is now worldwide even though Ecoveta has 8-9 patents - the basic mix concept water/ flour/ mycelium spores ( in your backyard) / wood ships ( in your backyard) is out there and the MgO panels are out there on the market see MgO panels now manufactured in the US in any search engine - my version is to purchase the cement though and mix it with hemp fibers for strength and pour the mix into same mold as the mycelium foamed core thin and screeded flat Not sure who has the best price on the MgO cement at moment - but made thin ( say 3/8" inch both sides) we have a bound together panel - no glues and the entirety might have to be placed into a solar oven for stopping any further growth ( temperature known in mycelium industry)