Nailing Schedules

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Structural Nailing, Seed Eco-Home

  • See working doc begun at SH 2 - [1]

Working Doc


LP Smartside Exterior Trim Nailing

  • LP smartside - .113 hot dip galvanized nails, minimum 1.5" penetration into underlying structure. Doesn't distinguish clipped vs full head or ring vs smooth. - [2].
  • Could possibly use stainless 15 ga DA style which is 0.7", so would need to increase the nailing schedule by 50%. Could be a good option given the cost of nails and effectiveness of DCN650B nailer.
    • SS nails, a5 ga 2.5" - 4.8 cents vs HDG 0.113 at 4.3 cents each. See [4]

Interior Trim and Beadboard

  • 2" DA style finish nail for beadboard - [5]
  • 2" DA style finish nail for MDF primed trim. 15 ga Finish nails recommended over 16 ga or brads for more holding power - [6]. Not a cosmetic issue if you will paint, but may be a cosmetic issue for stained interior trim.

Siding Nailing

  • Roofing and siding nails are not the same. But does this apply to vinyl siding? [7]