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Sep 2, 2023

Meaningful dent:

  • qualified project manager under MJ supervision
  • Mechanic, like one of the tank mechanics or such
  • OSE Rock crusher + rotary kiln for cement, throughput of 50 homes per year from rubble
  • Fischer-Tropf fuel combine - all fuel ready from wood chips or rubble
  • Tank burner - grinder and induction furnace for making rebar from scrap steel
  • Insulation - blown cellulose or 3d printed

8/30/23 Possibilities

  • At scale means 10, 100, or 1000 machines.
  • Brute-force comfortable housing for the villages, for free. Dignified, and solar roof. 300 kW for a village of 1000 homes.
  • Budget: tractor/backhoe /trencher, CEB, sawmill, rock crusher/plastic shredder, filamenter, 3D printer, rotary kiln with panels that later go on roofs, pond liner for living roof package at a yield of 1000 homes a pop.
  • Budget for 1000 homes=$10M, or $10k per full house including plumbing/electrical.
  • Homes in rural areas are $4-10k - village economy - [1]
  • What makes sense? Bottom line: homes are needed. What is the approach to solving housing in the Ukraine?

8/29/23 notes

  • Requirements - successful pilot
  • Agency for Reconstruction proposal
  • Modular housing
  • Minister of digital transfo - federov
  • Our value prop is lower cost via modularity and swarm
  • X homes in x days to build some homes - doable
  • Get this in front of some
  • First - buy-in from the Ukes, second, funding
  • Could do housing and corruption at the same time
  • Nate may put it in front of some folks