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The ose infrastructure for development includes wikis plus embeddable docs. It allows embeds, templates, and HTML/CSS - all that we need for user modification and complete flexibility. WebGL allows for 3D CAD manipulation within the browser. This allows the deepest level of flexibility, such that collaborators can develop useful formats - while we impose no format outside of a general framework with templates.

Throughout the years, many discussions have happened regarding the killer platform for open Hardware development. That is already available- a wiki. The world's most successful website is a wiki. A wiki stands the test of time, in that it is a portable database.


The OSE Wiki navigation map is a clickable embedded document which serves as a graphical index for navigation.

Navigation Map for Getting Involved

This document must inform collaborators about making contributions. It should be in the form of a flowchart that guides people through critical aspects of getting involved:

  • Work log
  • Basic Dev Template for developing a technology. Setting up a dev spreadsheet is a way to fork. Dev Template should be embedded on a wiki development page.
  • Infobox for summarizing and showcasing.
  • Priority Index is organized on an ongoing basis. It is an embedded cloud editable doc, clickable, that leads to all active development pages. This could also be a wiki page that is edited within wiki, and includes CSS formatting to make it attractive.
  • Update request goes to Wiki Manager - projects float to the top based on requests to the wiki manager. This applies to priority index, and to Showcase of Infoboxes, where showcase of Infoboxes resembles the Local Motors or Open Builds platform.
  • Is there a wiki plugin that allows for upcoming of content sections? This would be a great feature for crowd engagement, but could also be overridden so only admins upvote the content.
  • Individual forum threads should be embeddable within wiki.
  • Pivoting exists on forum threads. Good search exists on forum.
  • Could infobox have a toggle between infobox view (showcasing) vs horizontal view - like past wiki development?