Negative Freedom

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There is a distinction between freedom to and freedom from. It appears that making this distinction explicit is critical to a free Society. Socialists appear to have collapsed this distinction, thereby minimizing the freedom from. On the other hand it appears that Libertarians are strong on the freedom from side. Also it should be noted that the American experiment has been founded significantly upon freedom from. In that the powers of the federal government were quite limited initially to allow the least interference in lives by the government. It appears to be uncontroversial that the government governs best when it governs least. That is just a restatement of human responsibility. However human responsibility can be low without an informed and empowered population. Pens the tendency for enabling the population is a critical requirement for democracy. It appears uncontroversial that empowering people to their full capacities is the most important step that can be taken towards a just society. That is one of the course of ose beliefs.

Then ose viewpoint we like to reconcile the two sides of Freedom by first respecting the difference between the two types of freedom, and then looking for a Reconciliation between these two forms. This is in general consistent with oses approach of integration and systems thinking that does not promote one side at the expense of another.