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Be careful about Neoliberal. It is so broad in meaning that it serves only to slander - . Nobody calls themselves a neoliberal. It's only in reference to others?

It appears that neoliberal as a word is a Faulty Mental Model or Cognitive Bias - as it is a very general term - a generalization. Which means that it is difficult to debate without getting into trouble - because the terms are not well-defined.

Neoliberal opposite - appears to be Keynesianism - [1]. Or even protectionism like Trump is doing.

The answer to environmental disaster (dirty production, say in China) is not protectionism. It's open source: raising the bar on everyone's performance.

Another Take

Just throwing what I know out there:

I don't always see "neoliberal" used as slander but it often is used pejoratively by those on the left. Neoliberalism is essentialy neo (new) liberalism (free market ideology). The laissez-faire "invisible hand" type capitalist economic model that created the industrial barons in the 1800s and strict closed source, anti-worker, pro-capital ideology (that situates the capitalist class as our overlords in the era of modernity) began to change due to influences in from the left (see formation of soviet union for example) at the turn of the century which was a time that also included the large-scale organization of labor (unions) and eventually led to "the new deal" type economic reforms that Roosevelt is famous for. I'm over simplyfing it but essentially neoliberalism is a calculated return to the free-market anti-labor pro-capital market practices (think NAFTA) that reduce the barriers for capital to maximize short-term profit. It emerges in the second half of the 20th century and really takes hold under Blair, Bush, Clinton. For a critical, fair take on neoliberalism, check out David Harvey's podcast The Anti-Capitalist Chronicles. THe first episode is "A brief history of neoliberalism." first episode on bottom of page

Opposite of neoliberalism: The way I look at it, neoliberalism is the apotheosis of capitalism and the opposite of this, from a marxist lens, is some type of anarcho-collectivism. This works well with the GVCS where the machines are not commodities but elements in a living ecology.

Aidan Williamson (talk) 00:27, 11 October 2020 (UTC)