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Key Words

Economy of Abundance. Post-scarcity economy. Open source. Distributive. Enterprise approach. Conflict resources, such as Conflict Minerals. Collaborative. Transparent technology. Sharing, not greed (patents). Nonviolent economy. Circular. Modular. Democratic technology. Financial Independence. Civic responsibility. Those two rarely go together. Truth Commission. Reconciliation commission - bringing justice for all crimes against humanity. Solving all pressing world issues. Possibly Economy of Affection. Lowering barriers to entry. Bootstrapping vs capital. Summary: collaborative, open, econ significant, regen circular.

How to Identify Next Economy Creators

  • Are they entrepreneurs or on welfare
  • Do they do open hardware?
  • Do they have courage?
  • Are they civic leaders?
  • Are they asking a significant question?
  • Are they taking on a first principles solution? Such as: build homes if it's the housing crisis. Store heat if they talk about energy. Solar vehicles if they talk transport. Hydrogen if they talk energy.
  1. Do they talk about lowering barriers to vitality, more than 'barriees to entry'
  2. Have they communicated sublime solutions?